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Ugly like a junkie slut... beautiful! - 100%

UnholyPoser, November 7th, 2007

This is one of most disgusting albums I've heard, which is probably one of the reasons I like it. Let me explain: dirty and raw production, vocalist screaming like a mental who didn't take pills for too long, ugly buzzing guitars playing black metal/punk riffs and simple straightforward drumming. Add to this some warlike noise, lyrics going on like "In the last war, Fucked With a Hellhorn" and the band's main fetish which is chainsaw - it's as important for them as Eddie is for Iron Maiden. Great thing about it all is that this noise is really catchy, it's got punk moments here and there (and I mean ugly nihilist punk). The tracks usually run in the blastbeat tempo or punk rhythms. There are a few good dirty rock'n'rollin solos here and there too.
Standout tracks? All are great, all smell like exhumed vagina, but the most memorable ones are: "Raise the Chalice", "Chainsaw Inkarnated", "Bestial Satanic Sacrfice".
Overall, it's a "love it or leave it" type of album. It's embodiement of what metal used to be - something too ugly, weird and sick for the society to accept. It's cool that bands like Bestial Mockery exist, maybe they aren't the most intelligent band around, they'll never get a MTV music award that's for sure, but who cares if they make such killer albums?