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Bestial Mockery > Chainsaw Demons Return > Reviews > optimuszgrime
Bestial Mockery - Chainsaw Demons Return

Perfect Attitude - 80%

optimuszgrime, April 30th, 2008

So I am writing about this particular demo of this band for one reason. This bands early stuff is not all that much different form their newer stuff, but I like their older stuff a lot, and I feel it is different enough to warrant a review all on its own. Why this one, and not let’s say, the first one, or the ‘WAR’ demo? Because this happens to be my favorite of their demos.

I do not own this demo in the flesh, and had to get it through a trade with Edwin of the underground collection dotcom, which is now defunct due to labels getting pissy. So it is pretty goddamn horrible that within the metal scene such a thing can happen to a guy who sells only demos and other stuff, and in the past, when these albums were actually available it would have been a different story, but these labels do not run pressings of most of the demos on there, so it is just business oriented, fuck everyone attitude that destroys any semblance of a scene we might still have. Anyhow, the demo itself is almost impossible to find hard copy, but it is up on soul-seek or bit torrent I am sure, or you can speak to Edwin through his now defunct website.

The demo itself is harsh as hell, a real demo recording, just one step above a rehearsal, but it radiates this feeling about it. It radiates drunkenly rehearsing songs for the fun of it attitude, which is priceless. In later days they became a little bit more serious and also a lot more insane, here they were still trying to learn how to play while being as drunk as they were. Anyway, the songs are about war, chainsaws, death, Satanism, destruction of the holy church, the usual stuff that Master Motorsag sings about. His vocals are really frantic on this one as well, he screams his head off, and someone who is doing backup vocals on ‘Shrapnel Fire’ needs to get his head examined, that shit is fucked up beyond all belief. It is really extreme in the sense that it is really fucking high pitched and also it is really fucking crazy, it sounds almost like the depressive black metal vocals of nowadays, except drunken and thrashy, so with feeling. The drums are basically punk drums, they are there, but so who cares, all they do is keep shitty time. The guitars bring some cool riffs, there is even a solo, forget the low registers altogether. So this band has a perfect attitude on this recording, even thought hey cannot play their instruments just quiet yet, although they learned later on. In hindsight, now that this band is no more, I have to say this demo stands out as being better than the rest, because the raw energy and unpolished nature of this music comes through 100%. Sweet ass demo, recommended for everybody.