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Bergthron > Uralte Gedanken > Reviews > Danthrax_Nasty
Bergthron - Uralte Gedanken

Folky Black Ambience - 70%

Danthrax_Nasty, March 23rd, 2004

Opening up with some nature sounds and words over key boards, this band really goes for an original sound right off (even if it may not sound so in words), and I do find myself liking their direction. The guitar kicks in with some speed pick chords, shortly fadeing when some chants come in and it goes in to a pleasent slower chord progression. When the guitars pick up again the keyboards start becoming very pronounced, but accent the sound well. This becomes typical of there sound as the song progresses.

This is a one song Ep, that runs about nineteen and a half minutes, and creates a very original feel. I think this album shows quite a growth in sound, in some parts, than the last album Verborgen In Den Tiefen Der Wälder. Like when around 6:00 minutes, there is an acoustic break down that has a very folk rock quality to it. It becomes more melodic as the melody in well sung vocal chants come in, and give the sound a fuller feel. My only disappointment is how rather weak and happy it sounds in certain parts, but over all those are made up for nicely. So yeah, it is a much different release in alot of ways since the last offering.

Mostly the redeeming qualities of this album far out way the bad. The production is clean, and well mixed in most parts. Also the vocals are fucking killer. There are many changes in this one long song, that add much to the replay values. Break downs that build and build through good riffing and cool harmonies. Well done, and written acoustic parts on here, more technical than the last one I'd say, puts forth a very folky, and interesting atmosperic quality to the bands ever changing sound. A wide variety of instruments is also why this tune is as good as it is.

A must, I wouldnt go that far, but worth it,...fuck yeah. Get it if you like this style cause you most likely wont be disappointed.