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Bergraven > Dödsvisioner > Reviews > winterheathen
Bergraven - Dödsvisioner

Sometimes brilliant but mostly boring - 66%

winterheathen, December 23rd, 2007

I first heard about the death obsessed Bergraven, a one man band from Sweden, in a Metal Maniacs interview not long ago. Par Gustafsson's musical vision seemed like something I would enjoy immensely, and I soon downloaded the song"Kansla Av Livets Nasta Skede" It is a speedy black metal tune that mixes in some doom metal elements. I was hooked and soon bought the album.

As it turns out "Dodsvisioner" (Visions of Death) is a mixed bag. The term dark metal is appropriate as Bergraven come off as a less interesting version of Shining. In fact, it seems like Kvarforths band is the main inspiration for this album. The trademark slow 'suicidal' passages, the faster black metal parts, even the Swedish lyrics are all here. All that's missing are the movie samples.

This album is at its best when it's fast. The slow numbers drag on endlessly. I have no problems with slow metal, being a huge fan of doom, but a few of these song go on and on with seemingly no end to them, especially "Ekot Av Bikt".

One thing you can't fault Gustafsson for is lack of emotion as it comes pouring out of every song. From the opener "Doende", which starts out quietly before finally kicking it into gear around the three minute mark, to the finale "Doende (En Avslutning)" which is an instumental track that goes nowhere fast, you can feel the anguish and misery . Still, if you're in the mood for suicidal black metal, you can do better than Bergraven, though there's loads of potential to be great in the future. For now, for all those obsessed with Shining or even Xasthur, Dodsvisioner is a decent listen.