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Bergraven > Dödsvisioner > Reviews > ShadowSouled
Bergraven - Dödsvisioner

That's $20.01 of my money I won't be hearing again - 59%

ShadowSouled, January 23rd, 2008

I've noticed that Hydra Head Prod have the unfortunate tendency of glorifying all of their releases, whether they be actually worthy of praise or not. I am particularly disappointed with this album, as they promised me "strange black metal" within, and I went out and purchased it. What I got was a slightly sub-par Shining ripoff, with some proggy elements.

Believe me, it's not that Bergraven doesn't know how to handle his instruments. He is quite a competent musician, and could probably do well if he put some heart in what he was doing. However, this album feels dry and dead; while some of the riffs make you believe that something interesting is about to happen, they instantly sink back to the tired, generic Shining template. There was a bit of soloing here and there that wasn't altogether bad, but it still didn't fit into the rest of the music. The drumming is midpaced to slow for the most part, which really doesn't help in keeping the listener's interest in this case.One of the only things that I truly enjoyed throughout the album were the vocals; a similar style would be the performance found in Arckanum albums. The other thing that was mildly enjoyable was the fact that you could actually hear the bass lines. Scattered throughout the album are some truly random prog-rock influenced passages, which really don't fit in with the rest of the music.

I recommend this to anyone just starting to enjoy black metal in general; however, if you already have a fair amount of knowledge about the genre, avoid this steaming pile of generic plastic output. To Bergraven, I suggest you quit this solo project and find a band; as much as you may know how to play your instruments, this isn't doing anything to showcase your skill. And, on a final note: Everyone who enters a store with the intention of buying a Hydra Head CD should take their description with a grain of salt.