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French people made this? - 95%

ozzeh, April 5th, 2007

This album is gratuitously heavy. The whole point of this entire thing is to be as unrelenting as possible playing the most technically demanding death metal humanly possibly. These guys were either possessed or on some serious drugs when they came up with "Identisick". The guitars are so down tuned on this album that it almost crosses into the realm of the dreaded nu-metal garbage. But luckily through the impressive individual performances from each band member, Benighted escape from sounding cheesy and cliche.

Every song on here is quite honestly a gem. The vocal range of Julien Truchan is really some of the best death metal vocals I have ever heard. He also implements a blackened scream which almost sounds hardcore. Not many people can pull this kind of vocal performance off with success, but he does so with ease. "Nemesis" is pretty much indicative of every song on here : heavy as fuck. The riffs are constantly mutating throughout and it keeps the music interesting. The drumming is also very well done on this album, as much a part of the album's success as the guitar playing. Songs like "Collapse" give you ample opportunity to bang your fucking head. This is just really good death metal, folks.

"Identisick" opens with one of the sweetest guitar solos I have ever heard. "Identisick" is a great title for this album because it truly is sick. While this song is written in French, it is one of the best songs on the album and a personal favorite. Every track on here is similar, but memorable in their own way. The riffs are uncompromising and catchy at the same time, a rare trait in this genre of music. The droning buzz of the guitars on "Sex-Addicted" is excellent. This is a song where Julien Truchan implements the almost hardcore vocals, but he does so with great success even though I hate that genre of music. The flamenco style guitar playing at the 3:00 mark on this song is absolutely brilliant and shows the diversity of this band.

This band slows down only to get as heavy as possible. And they do so with great talent and effect. Really though, every song is great on this album and listening to it from start to finish is definitely a must. I'm not really sure who to compare this band to as they're kind of in a league of their own, but let's hope they continue to produce music of this high of caliber!