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Benighted Addicted - 87%

PKendall317, July 18th, 2011

When I first looked up Benighted after I had bought "Identisick" and listened to a few tracks, I looked at their country of origin. Now, I don't consider myself prejudiced in any way, but when I saw they were French, I honestly laughed. French and death/grind aren't something you'd expect to find in the same sentence, but similar acts have come from even less likely countries in the past.

That being said, Benighted plays straightforward death/grind. The guitars play brutal riffs that are reminiscent of bands like Cephalic Carnage, Bolt Thrower, and during breakdown sections, Dying Fetus. However the guitars also show that they are perfectly capable of playing more melodic riffs as well. During the last portion of the opening track, "Nemesis," the guitars play a melodic, almost metalcore sounding riffs starting at 2:38. Also during the chorus on "The Twins," the guitars show off a more melodic side, and even play a small solo on the opening of the album's title track, which features melodic segments as well.

The drumming is excellent, and is very fast and very brutal and never once loses its aggression. My favorite part of the album however, is the vocalwork of Julien Truchan. The thing I like about him is the variety of styles he uses in a single album. At times, he uses guttural growls and snarls that are more animal like than human. He also uses high-pitched shrieks, and on "Sex Addicted," he uses a hardcore-esque shout.

After listening to this album, I'm definately going to have to purchase more of Benighted's work. It's certainly worth the money.