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You Won't Be Too Sick Of This - 70%

Fulvio_Ermete, September 11th, 2008

Though born from black bands like Osgiliath, Benighted have lost any black leftover. Indeed they had already passed to an American branded brutal death at the beginning of the millennium that, with the years passing by, has got enriched of grindcore scores more and more.

What Osmose reissues is the last but one album of the band, "Identisick", originally released in 2006 by Adipocere (that has gone down). We can say the reissue has been a lucky choice, since the album has got a high quality and back then enjoyed a very low advertisement. The sound of Benighted can be described as a high technique death metal that bets a lot on creating situations of absolute brutality, with little room left to some more melodic moody breaks.

The most fitting term of comparison is that with Dying Foetus/Misery Index, surely the most known death/grind bands at present, but we may also mention Cattle Decapitation. The main quality of the album is not only the perfect performance – also thanks to the drumming of Fred, that will leave the band subsequently – but also the freshness and variety of the tracks, that never limit themselves in the pure search for brutality, mincing with class and variety ("Sex Addicted" has got also something of Kataklysm). And also the cover of "Suffer The Children" (one of the best tracks in the worst album by Napalm Death) shows the great competence of a band that you must keep in sight.