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Fuckin' fantastic! - 93%

Alcohol, August 22nd, 2007

This is an awesome death metal album. Each song is chaotically heavy, featuring plenty of well done mood changes, plenty of riffs, and unpredictable song structures.

The album opens with Nemesis, which starts off with a slow effect buildup, leading into a fucking INSANE riff featuring sweep picking. The song progresses quickly into a fucking awesome breakdown riff, before going back to the sweeping craziness, and then going back again into a chaotic and heavy fucking version of the same breakdown riff, changed by the drum patterns. Right after all this (which is essentially just the introduction), more riffs, more chaos, and more metal!

There's countless good riffs here! Every single song is a winner! There's no entire tracks devoted to introductions, every track is a song. No filler to be found here, just brutal fucking riffs, brutal fucking vocals, blast fucking beats, and one of the most chaotic and technical sounding albums you'll ever hear.

Mind you, don't get me wrong, this album isn't technical in a Necrophagist or Spastic Ink way. This album is technical through structure and playing brilliance, not through weird time signatures and musical wankery. This means that musicians and metal fans alike can say "fucking wow" when they hear this. Drummers will implode, guitarists will start downloading tabs, and vocalists will probably become females instantly.

This album is an amazingly fun listen, an amazingly well executed display of musical talent, and it's flat out fucking heavy. Some parts brutal and rhythmic, some parts melodic, some parts pure death, some parts incorporate other genres. Fucking buy this shit immediately, amazing album for fans of brutal music, or for fans of things that are good!