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A fetish in need of injectionable mania - 62%

Gutterscream, October 12th, 2017
Written based on this version: 1982, 12" vinyl, Heavy Metal World Wide

“…nine lives and still got eight to go…”

Confident is the commercial stride of Australia’s Bengal Tigers, a four-piece fairly adept at producing everyday mainstream rocker-type stuff that’s unfailingly as mid-paced as it is formulaic. Sound pretty excited, don’t I? Well, out of these five tracks we’re handed two that bounce beyond a medium throttle – Bitches Sin-y “Pounding Energy” and the more hi-tailing “Got to Deliver” – which bask in heartier NWOBHM that the times were increasingly being known for and where frontman Gordon Heald tries to dress down and butch up by knotting the hair and lowering the register of his normally medium, controlled tenor an undomesticated notch or two, which actually succeeds in enlivening things a bit. And on that note, so ends the band’s fetish for genuine metal as well as my expectation for excitement.

“Fallen Idol”, “Break and Bend” and “Heavin’” are the regular blue-stained-white collar workers, performed semi-professionally enough for a second glance in this respect, but overall have lower than average hooky songwriting gristle that the teeth of the hit parade look forward to gnawing on. Aww, who am kidding? They’re bloated with a rather vapid, proletarian formula for success, tend to be repetitively chorus-heavy, and ultimately are pretty dull.

Wish I had more to say about these felines, but I’m ten times a dog person. Okay, how ‘bout this? Countrymates Taipan are quite better.

Mastered by Alan Parsons outside his project.