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Did Dio have a secret daughter? - 85%

Tymell, May 17th, 2007

That's the main thought going through your head on hearing this, at least if you've heard much of the man. This is a band that wears it's influences on it's sleeves, and in this case it's no bad thing. It doesn't feel like a simple rip-off or tribute band, rather a band with clear classic metal influence and their own distinct brand of it. And that brand is pure ballsy metal.

First off, Veronica is a top-rate vocalist, and one that really takes you by surprise. I actually thought it was a male vocalist at first, doing a slightly whiney voice (in a good way) ala AC/DC or Tempo of the Damned. This isn't to say she sounds ridiculously gruff, far from it, but she certainly doesn't sound like 99% of female metal vocalists out there, and it's a refreshing change. She has a good pair of lungs and rather than trying to be serene and operatic she just lets rip in good old classic metal style, the influence of bands like Dio or Priest plain even beyond the cover of Rainbow in the Dark (not actually on the album, but it was recorded and I was lucky enough to find it online). It has a deep, roaring quality, conveying epic power and anger at the same time, and should go down well with anyone who doesn't demand extremes like death grunts or opera voices. Veronica has more of a baritone-type voice going on here which carries both soaring power and deep growls.

The guitar and drum work is just as up to scratch, it's clear these guys have had plenty of practice and know what they're doing, the riffs crunch very distinctly, the drums pound along with Veronica's voice to lend it further strength, and the solos that burst out are top quality. Although it's the production that truly stands out, everything is perfectly audible and yet no one aspect is drowned out by any other, giving it big, bold quality because there's so much going through your ears at once. It often feels like quite a "live" album in that sense, having qualities of an auditorium throughout, and that only adds to it's power.

As for overall sound, it's a blending of old-school classic metal and influences from some power metal (especially in some of the solos) and even thrash riffs at times. What this album really shows you is classic metal is by no means dead, and anyone who loves old greats like Priest, Maiden, or Dio will find exactly what they're looking for here: Valkyrie Rising is pure Maiden to my ears, while Uncreation itself is very Painkiller-era Priest. It also goes very nicely alongside Beyond Fear's debut, the two are very similar. If you liked that, you -will- enjoy Benedictum, and vice versa. Rage is another band that springs to mind, it has that same blend of classic style, in-your-face aggression, and some good sing-along choruses.

Uncreation's strength is undeniable, it really calls to mind nothing but pure "heavy metal", emphasis on the heavy. It doesn't rely on insanely fast playing, or symphonies, or operatic vocals, or death grunts, none of that. It just hits you in the face with sheer power. It's great fun and very refreshing to hear Veronica growl out "They tell me I can't 'cos I'm a chick, I tell them, kneel down and suck my dick!", and you really know she means it. She doesn't give a fuck what most female singers might do or what extremes some bands might go to, Benedictum just play the kind of music they love and pay tribute to their own personal metal gods.

I don't see how anyone can truly dislike this album, it's got a bit of something for everyone without going very far in any one direction. It's quite hard to classify for that reason: it's too gritty to be power, not fast enough to be thrash, etc...just really represents no-frills heavy fuckin' metal, with traits from all over. This would be considered an excellent offering from any band, but coming as a debut from one that's just starting out? I really do feel this band is going to go places, they have the passion and the talent, and I'll be proud to say I was here at the start. Particular favourites would be Valkyrie Rising, with an aptly rising closing section that carries the listener up high, Them for it's fantastic lyrics, and Ashes to Ashes. All are great though, there's not a dud among them.

I highly recommend this to anyone who loves their metal, even if it doesn't grab you there's really nothing lacking and nothing to criticise about it. Everything is so damn loud, so in your face, and will have you singing along, head-banging and air-guitaring in equal amounts, as any metal album should aspire to do.