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Kicking ass heavy metal - 99%

Kalelfromkrypton, May 26th, 2009

This is kicking ass heavy metal. Go and get it, satisfaction guaranteed. Simply put, this one surpassed the debut by miles and it is a superior effort in all senses. I’d simply tell you that for those of you who might need further details, here they are (since it seems LordBones and I were thinking exactly the same thing on these two reviews!).

In regards to Veronica’s voice, well… Is there anything left to say? She is a kicking ass singer. She sounds sometimes very much like Kimberly Goss from Synergy, but she is even more powerful and uses a more wide variety on her vocal range. On this album she sings, she growls, she screams. The only thing I can say is that she is perfect, no questions arising.

The intro is an acoustic piece which will fool you completely but when you get the very first track and that killing drumming machine, the killer riffing and the pace of the song, you immediately will start head banging. This remains a lot the songs from Synergy’s ‘Suicide by my side’ where fast riffing and killer guitar solos fall into a metal-feast category. I’d dare to say that Judas Priest’s ‘Angel of Retribution’ era influences are also present. In the end, if this was the first song, man, what is coming next?

Not all the songs are fast, but they definitely added more speed since the debut. ‘Beast in the field’ is another superior speed track with a killing riff and the pace will leave you wanting for more. There are no boring songs this time. They are all killer, and there is room to enjoy every single piece. On the slow songs but interesting at the same time we have ‘Bare Bones’ and ‘Within the Solace’. Again, the riffing style is very Judas Priest modern-era. They improved in regards to the melodies as well. They are catchier and they will stick to your mind real quick. ‘Steel Rain’ is a ballad, and I have to say it is very good. Not a sappy power ballad but a soft piece with heavy guitars interlude and amazing vocals. ’Seasons of tragedy’ is definitely another highlight since it has everything, amazing vocals, cool guitar riffing, interlude keyboards, slashing guitar solo, and it builds up from slow to mid tempo pace. This is an amazing track which reminds me, sometimes, Primal Fear’s ballads. Thankfully, the keyboards are again very back grounded and they just add them here and there, exactly the way it is supposed to be and this time around, the production exceeds the debut as well. You can identify all the instruments perfectly, and they are all very well mixed.

My only regret is, to be honest, the cover of Balls to the Wall, not because of the cover itself, but because of the song they chose. Of course it is an anthem but I personally dislike it. However, that is only a minor detail. That doesn’t take away at all the excitement of this heavy metal gem. Go and get it. Heavy metal is experience a renaissance thanks to this amazing band which I am a fan of since I discovered them.

A new era of Old School Heavy Metal arriving? - 99%

LordBones, April 7th, 2008
Written based on this version: 2008, CD, Locomotive Records

Here is something going on which is a bit rare in a couple of ways.

First of all, this album is in my humble opinion better then their already kickass debut album! Which I would already rate 90 points out of 100. That’s rare in my book. An already kickass album followed by more ass kicking on!

Secondly, this is a band which plays Heavy Metal in a refreshing way!
Oh did I say Heavy Metal? Well yes I did! Yes it is classic Heavy Metal but with the production techniques and musicality of today. It sounds original but the same time familiar. Clearly the band had their influences from the European Metal acts like Priest, Maiden, Accept and mostly Dio.

The production of this recording is awesome! No flaws at all. All is done in a well balanced manner; no one is standing out or drowning the others out. The guitars are riffing and grinding, the bass is thumbing, the drums are pounding and… the voice.
Man this woman can belch it out! Great pair of lungs. She is so fitting in this style of Heavy Metal.

The track list is top-notch, no bad song at all, not even mediocre ones. Although there are some awesome songs like: “Shellshock”, “Bare Bones”, “Beast in the Field”. What really stands out for me are 2 songs named “Seasons Of Tragedy” and “Steel Rain”. The last ones shows the soft side of Veronica’s voice.
Another stand out is the cover they did this time. “Balls To The Walls” by Accept. Man what a treat this was!!! Normally I am very skeptical about covers. But this band pulls it of big time. I love their rendition!!

Highlights: Apart from what I mentioned above, the rest of the album.

This album should be in anyone’s collection!!! NOW!