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Only two new songs?! - 75%

ABHORRED, June 13th, 2003

Well, here we have it. This is what Benediction came up with after two years of studio time and touring. Or was this just the leftovers from the "Transcend The Rubicon" sessions? Either way, it is Benediction and that should tell you that it rules.

No overproduced meandering acoustic folk interlude gayness to be found here. Just straightforward Death Metal with a hefty helping of Thrash. With a production that I would call their best yet. The two new songs here; "The Grotesque" and "Ashen Epitaph" are monoliths of crushing-ness. It's just that directly following these two new songs are three tracks worth of well, frankly... Rather boring live performances of older songs from "Subconscious Terror" and "The Grand Leveller" Good if you're a big fan like myself, and have never had the pleasure of attending a Benediction show of this era. The crowd doesn't really seem to be that excited to be there, though. Go figure.

Bottom line: Buy this only if you already own their principal 5 releases. This isn't going to change the face of the musical world as we know it, but it is solid mix-tape material.