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The Best of Mid-Ninties Death - 95%

Head_Shot, July 16th, 2009

Ill be honest and frank, Benediction are a band I got into just recently, I am talking only about a month to three weeks so not long but long enough to get two of there albums, those be "Killing Music" and this masterpiece of mid-paced DM "The Dreams You Dread".

Around 1995 the death metal scene was going stagnant and many bands around this time disbanding and breaking up (Carcass comes to mind along with Pestilence), but some braved the waters (Deicide, Death, Cannibal Corpse to name a few) but those releases were not the best they could have been, and I admit is a horrible time for any fan of metal, but lo and behold this hidden masterpiece comes to show me that it was not and that sound and feeling was still there. The band is competent in itself and it shows very well, the bass is audible and can be heard clanking along at higher volumes, the guitars are nice, crunchy and clean sounding, the drums are some of the best sounding I've heard. The vocals are a bit of a problem, Dave Ingram is probally known from being the vocalist of Bolt Thrower from 1998 to 2004, and listening to "Honor Valour Pride" he can get low but on this he seems to sound like a guy with a sore throat and not trying at all, but yet the vocals in themselves are cool, its unknown why but they are.

Onto the songs the album starts with "Down on Whores (Leave Them All for Dead)" the album opener and a sign of things to come, beginning with clean guitars then then a good riff coming in this lasts till 42 seconds in, we get a change in the riffs and the bass pulling a little solo between chords on the guitars, the song proper begins at 2:05 and here we get the full assault of a band so with the music its fucking mind blowing. While the album its mostly mid-paced death metal theres two speedy tracks in being track two "Certified...?" and the title song "The Dreams You Dread", but going in for the music all the tracks stand on there own and hold and draw you in. This is definitely in every sense of the word metal, its no holds barred and doesn't give a shit what you think, it is what it is and doesn't fucking disappoint.

I whole-heartedly recommend this for any lover of death metal you wont regret it.

Stand Out Tracks: Down on Whores, Soulstream, Where Flies are Born, Path of the Serpent.