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Grrreat! They’re back - 80%

morbert, August 8th, 2008

As reviews of split releases are only posted on the bands site of your choice, I will of course only review the Pungent Stench side here. There is only one complaint, namely that if you’re collecting Pungent Stench, there’s nothing rare here. This is a just a song from their album “Masters Of Moral”.

The whole artistic concept behind “Masters Of Moral” was superb but I will refrain myself for now (elaboration will follow in my review of the full length) and focus on this song. When Pungent Stench reunited I was afraid the band would focus on their last previous album “Club Mondo Bizarre” and write some groovy stuff. I was in for a surprise!

“Loot, Shoot, Electrocute” is nothing less than fast & furious death metal. Most notible are the tighness of the drums compared to their early works and the (slightly) more complex riffs. Not that they’re a technical death metal band here. Far from it! The main ingredient still is brutal death metal. The song is fast, catchy and simply said pure death metal fun.

The lyrics are rather generic for a band of their reputation but the song and vocal performance are so good, it doesn’t actually matter for a change. No use getting this release though. Just get off your ass and go get “Masters Of Moral”!

So, 90 points for the song, 20 points deduction for lacking ‘rare’ material and 10 points bonus for that briliant band photo!