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Solid Offering From Death Metal Legends - 85%

demigod1993, March 20th, 2011

Benediction have always been one of the best death metal bands the UK has to offer with consistent releases since their birth in 1989 and the release of ‘Killing Music’ does not change that.

The album bursts out of the Intro into the traditionally fast and brutal ‘The Grey Man’ subjecting listeners to an onslaught of classic death metal riffs played with the aggression of hardcore punk. This formula is maintained through the whole album with every song being as ferocious as the last. You cannot fault the musicianship on ‘Killing Music.’ The drums are extremely tight, the guitars never cease to provide the technical carnage that can be expected from a Benediction record and Mick Kenney does an excellent job producing the album to a very high standard. I would also like to commend Dave Hunt’s vocals. They are quite a big departure from his work in Anaal Nathrakh. You won’t find any high pitched eerie screams but I was pleasantly surprised at how he delivers his harsh growls. He gives the album a distinctive feeling, akin to what you would find from a hardcore punk band, which works very well in conjunction with the destructive death metal that fill this album.

However the album does have one weakness, it’s rather repetitive. The riffs all start to sound a little too familiar after a couple of songs and the drums, although played extremely well by Neil Hutton, don’t offer anything other than the same few beats constantly being pounded into your ears. Despite this there aren’t any bad songs on this consistently violent album and at no point did I not feel like starting a one man circle pit in my room.

‘Killing Music’ does not offer a collection of distinctive, catchy death metal hits but that’s not the point of this album. Buy this album, stick it on loud, close your eyes and picture yourself at your local venue losing it in the pit or up the front head banging madly to the brutality emanating from the death metal veterans. This may not be the best Benediction album but it’s a very solid release and certainly a must for your collection if you like aggressive as hell British death metal.