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Dying Death Metal - 60%

Fulvio_Ermete, August 23rd, 2008

Always heroes of European death metal, Benediction are among the few left to carry on the flag of UK extreme music. Or, at least, that is their intention: because, judging from their latest releases, they're not paying a big homage to the scene of their homecountry.

For sure we can't say “Killing Music” (sort of synonymous of “death metal”) is an ugly bad album, or blame them for being too orthodox, since this is one of the advertised strong spots of the band. The background problem is you can't wait seven years for such an ordinary and flat album (and even “Organized Chaos” was not to be celebrated).

All is perfect, seemingly – from the production to accelerations, from the heaviness of rhythms to Dave Hunt's uvula, though he seems more at ease somewhere else (Anaal Nathrakh). It's the killer riff to be missing here, the typical death song with that unforeseeable break; and the problem is not the low technical content, since bands like Vomitory have long time explained technique is not always so necessary.

This “Killing Music” may be interesting because it digs deep into the roots of the genre, and discovers the punk oriented ones (the beginning of “Controlopolis (Rats In The Mask)”, but the examples may be plenty); without forgetting the English band pays a personal homage to some forgotten acts that influenced them long ago (Broken Bones and Amebix) playing some cover versions in the limited edition. But it's not to learn some music history lesson that you should purchase an album from Benediction...

Originally written for Silent Scream