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Skillfull and Uncreative - 75%

replikoid, April 26th, 2008

Beneath the Massacre is a band that impressed me a lot thanks to their EP Evidence of Inequity. That is the reason why I had to get my hands on this album.
The album sounds brutal from the get go. It is a perfect example of bands trying to push the boundaries, not just for themselves but for metal as a whole. Its fast, heavy and all of this executed with a very technical form of songwriting.

The first couple of songs really made an impression on me. The intensity of the music gave me a fantastic vibe and made me curious about what else the album has to offer. However to my disappointment the rest of the album gets pretty monotonous. Eventually it makes you lose interest. After listening to the first few songs the album loses its edge and gets predictable. The riffs get repetitive, the vocals due to a lack of variation and range fails to impress and eventually sounds too mechanical. At the end of the day it feels like you have been sitting in front of some sort of a machine that is extremely loud and does not have an off button.

The album seems to be more intent on showing the capability to play complicated music rather than playing an interesting form of music. I don't want to take away anything from the band, especially skill wise. Its a fact that the band is immensely talented. But for a band with such great potential this is a poor effort. The album is a desperate effort by the band to outdo themselves and be more...."BR00TAL". It sounds like a constant need to prove to the lister that they can play, when it should sound like top quality death metal that will bring you back to your cd player constantly. After listening to this album I would conclude by saying...Beneath the Masscre is a band that is skillful but lacks creativity.

Highlights - Incredibly technical. Takes extreme metal drumming to a whole new level. Overall great production.

Low Points - Too monotonous. Eventually gets bland and will bore you. Lacks charecter.