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Chaotic, Brutal, Punishing - 89%

noveltyxcrosses, February 22nd, 2007

Beneath The Massacre's first full-length is a step up for the band, and while it retains its signature sound that "Evidence of Inequity" had, the production value increases slightly and makes it sound golden.

There is no band I can really compare this too. I have never heard an excellent mix of technical guitar riffs and well-executed breakdowns until I listened to Beneath The Massacre. Okay, maybe the drums are triggered, but this actually flows well with the music this band creates, and you could seriously care less if you dig blastbeats. Elliot uses the guttural vocal style that uses his almighty powerful lungs and diaphragm to produce. And once again, it fits in well with the music perfectly.

Only reason why I knocked it back a FEW points is because the music can tend to run together at times, but the music is excellent enough to not worry about that much. With tracks like "The Stench of Misery", "The Surface", and "Modern Age Slavery" having such memorable riffs, how could you say no?

Beneath The Massacre have definitely outdone themselves with "Mechanics of Dysfunction", and due to that, I expect a bright future for them. Canada has always churned out quality technical bands (Cryptopsy, Ion Dissonance, Martyr) and Beneath The Massacre is definitely no difference.