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Shred shred, blast beat blast beat, ERRGGGHHRORRH - 45%

The_Boss, May 8th, 2008

Beneath the Massacre play aggressive and brutal technical death metal, yeah everyone knows this genre and everyone knows about the real bands and the poser bands. It’s hard to say where these guys lie in this ever expanding sub genre, but I’d have to say they genuinely are a death metal band and don’t try and fall over into the horrible deathcore side. These guys are too technical and have too much talent to be over there. Fortunately for them, they are getting more and more popular as this sub genre for some reason is becoming the most popular form out there that I see. Unfortunately for them though, it seems they lack a few things. The music is fun for a few listens but in the end it’s not original and doesn’t have much lasting value. I remember when I saw these guys live last year and thought it was enjoyable and how tight they sounded and now that I’ve checked the studio release, I still think the same thing; it’s tight as hell, very technical but the songs all run together with little distinction between each other and less memorable moments other than sheer brutality and mind numbing aggressive rhythm section.

These guys are skilled, having only one guitarist all over the place on Mechanics of Dysfunction, he shreds his way all over the place, furious fretwork and riffing out the ass but still it comes out to be not that memorable and as the album progresses it seems like it’s the same thing. The drummer plays hyper fast blast beats and just as fast double bass, he certainly knows how to play the drums, unfortunately he doesn’t vary himself much unless he slows down for a breakdown… which are everywhere for some reason. Fucking breakdowns. I can’t stand them, obviously metal breakdowns are awesome like the infamous Raining Blood one; those are fine but these simply drag down the music and try and go for the ‘br00tal’ factor and obviously appeal to scene kids, like the ultra brutal one in The Stench of Misery, it just reeks of core. The bassist is just as good making himself known in a few songs playing very fast and keeping up pace with the rest of the music.

The vocalist is just there, nothing special about him. He reminds me a bit of Origin’s vocalist as the rest of Beneath the Massacre sounds like. Very low and guttural growls and some screeching this guy doesn’t vary himself too much if he did I think he would add to the music but alas it only brings it down more. I’ve heard many comparisons to Origin and I think it would fit perfectly as these guys take many influences off them and sound a lot like other brutal technical death metal bands out there.

Beneath the Massacre starts off taking a different or unique approach to the technical death metal scene but in the end I think they just seem to fall back and become nothing special and play the exact same thing as everyone else does; hyper fast blast beat drums, all over the place, nonstop guitar shredding and ultra brutal and guttural vocals. The songs here are all the same to me, they run into one another having not much in difference and lack any varying structures. And the breakdowns here are way to annoying and help to make this album more accessible for scene kids thinking they now listen to actual metal. Despite all the bashing I still enjoy some songs off here before they start to run together like if Long Forgotten had been one of the first songs on here I’d say throw off the entire end of the album and make it a short but at least enjoyable album. I also wish I was as talented as the guitarist, he really knows how to shred, maybe now they can get a rhythm guitarist and create actually some real heavy hitting riffs and make something out of this formula!