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Brutal Death Metal - 93%

invaded, May 31st, 2006

Evidence of Inequity, the first release from the Montreal quartet Beneath the Massacre hits you like a ton of bricks from the first note to the last. Since it has only 5 tracks I'll g osong by song.

The opener is "Comforting Prejudice" but there is nothing comforting about it. Sweep arpeggios and monster riffs acoompanied by some of the fastest blast beats I've ever heard and vocals that are truly brutal in their attack. The song structure ranges from nintendo like lead guitar to big riffing on a constant basis with time changes galore.These guys enjoy their breakdowns and they do it well.

The second trackis "Profitable Killcount" and this one has a very Cryptopsy like intro with a groovy riff that once again leads to death metal mayhem. This song keeps you constantly on the edge of your seat. You can never prdict what's coming just because it's so fast. Another big breakdown and some amzing lead work seal the deal.

"Totalitarian Hypnosis" kicks off with what wound sound like a computer playing the guitar accompanied by a bass and blast beat. A Suffocation like riff follows and you find yourself headbanging. You realize at what point their drummer is simply amazing. Sopme of this stuff is pretty off the wall.

"Regurgitated Lullaby for the Born Dead" has some more sweep arpeggios and awesome riffs to match. Some very start/stop riffing characterizes this song. More Suffocation and Cryptopsy inspired parts and a very extreme bridge that leaves you gasping for air. Very good song.

The last song is "Nevermore" and is a very fast one. Blast beats and rapid time changes are abundant but perfectly executed. And then a mother of a breakdown hits you and Elliot Desgagné's dry vocal delivery gives us the part that is probably easiest to sing along to. There are some cool parts in this song. Jazzy sections melt into metal fury and back to that crushing breakdown that closes out the EP.

This band has amazing potential and the players are all exceptional on their respective instruments. If anything this might simply be a little short, spanning at a mere 17 minutes. But in another way it leaves craving for more. It seems Beneath the Massacre have a bright future ahead of them if they can keep this kind of intensity up.