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Evidence of Talent - 82%

MutantClannfear, May 18th, 2011

And so it happened that one of the three big-names in hyper-technical death metal, Beneath the Massacre, had very humble beginnings on their EP. Very humble, indeed.

Oh, who the fuck am I kidding. I can't help but like this EP, as it is obviously evidence of a deathcore band that put some actual effort into their music. As it seems to happen a lot in this genre, there are a couple boring riffs here and there, but in Evidence of Inequity, their numbers have been cut substantially compared to most of their fellow genre-mates. Add that to the surprising amount of brutality for a deathcore band and the fast yet structured technicality, and you have a release in which almost everyone will find something to enjoy.

The five-song EP blows most of its maximum momentum and best riffs in the first song, "Comforting Prejudice", and goddamn, it's one of the heaviest, most spastic deathcore songs I've ever heard. Unlike most technical death metal bands, this band sweep the lower strings on their guitars just as often as they do the highs, which offers a bit of variety rarely seen in modern technical death metal bands. They also have a habit of playing ridiculously fast tremolos instead of sweeping noodle riffs, which provides a relatively interesting sound and, again, gives this band an identity. Though the first song gives the listener the heaviest real death metal they'll hear on this release, and is my favorite song overall, the rest of the songs use one of my favorite of all deathcore techniques - start-stop breakdowns - and damn, this band does them perfectly. They're played on just the right strings, and neither used too often nor just once. Though the last two songs on this release step down just a bit in quality compared to the first three, they're still not bad and come with musical elements not seen on the rest of this release ("Regurgitated Lullaby for Whatever the Fuck This Song Title Is Supposed to Mean" is almost entirely fast, start-stopped breakdowns; "Nevermore" is a bit generic in its blasts but contains a couple of long, slow breakdowns - could be useful if I ever got in the mood to listen to such).

The drumming is typical blasts and sounds decent, though I could say that the bass drum could be a bit deeper than it is - it's far too clicky and gets a bit annoying after a while. I guess the biggest problem I have with this release would be the growls - they're mid-level growls and they stay at the same monotone sound throughout the whole release. Even after only 17 minutes when this release is finished, I can't help but feel a little annoyed by them.

Still, this is the best technical deathcore I've heard in a long time, and if you're into such things you should definitely check this EP out.