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Supreme death metal. - 90%

JusticeofSuffering, April 29th, 2009

Evidence of Inequity probably describes Beneath the Massacre best. This EP is solid from the start of "Comforting Prejudice" until the end of "Nevermore." If you like good, flat out death metal, you will like this EP.

Among many things, this release is definitely heavy. The drums are relentless and fast-paced, the guitars are crushing, and the vocals really complete the suit. All of the songs have lead-a-plenty from the guitars. You also get crushingly heavy riffs as well. The intensity of this album is pure ferocity, as this collection of songs just continues to pummel the listener again and again.

Being that there is only 5 songs here, I will only mention the 2 that really stood out to me. The first one I will mention, "Regurgitated Lullaby for the Born Dead," comes through late at number 4. With this song, you get straight-up, in-your-face death metal. This song is just an endless onslaught that consumes you for about 4 minutes. Intensity and power are two themes present as you listen to this beast of a song. Fans of pure heavy death metal will love this song.

The other song that really grabbed my attention on this Ep is the 5th song, "Nevermore." This song is full of speed and heaviness. The chorus is a lot like a hardcore bearkdown, which gets a lot of criticism, but it fits the song. The verses of this song really build up to the chorus, and it doesn't disappoint. Some people, however, are afraid to admit this song is excellent because they're afraid that someone will accuse them of being a hardcore kid. I won't go into that subject any further, just putting that out there.

Beneath the Massacre made one hell of an EP with Evidence of Inequity. It will keep you listening again and again. The only downside of this release is that it is so short.