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Only Canada... - 90%

DarthHaymore, July 13th, 2005

OK, I think Certain_Death summed this album up pretty good... Guitars 2x as technical as Necrophagist, blast beats that Origin wished they had & all that... yet he failed to bring to your attention the super gay hardcore breakdowns similar to All That Remains with super heavy distortion. Don't get me wrong, I think this album rips ass & destroys alot of stuff in the brutality department that's out there right now, but for musicians of this caliber to arrange elementary breaks in this slab of crotch stomping brutality is just wrong to me. This EP is so damn good it's really a shame that all I can do is bash the small amount of gay breakdowns, but again I say they are capable of so much more than that musically. All in all if you like mega-brutal guttural Death Metal with almost unmatched speed & precision & can look past the breaks then Beneath The Massacre is the band you need to check out.