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A taste of what's to come - 86%

Velvokai, March 8th, 2005

An excellent EP from this excellent Austrian band. Though the production isn’t as great as on their later releases, its still pretty damn good for a Black Metal EP.

The title track is a mostly death metal song, with a grooving bridge in the beginning, and then somewhat slow and crushing closer to the end. The guitar melody that is repeated ad nausea, gives the song a blackish feeling.

The second song is much more black metal, with the intro sounding not unlike Marduk, this song has almost no death moments, theres just no time to put them in, between the black metal show-off solo, and sick verse/chorus riffs. The vocals are a mix nastiest black metal screams (nasty in a good sense), and somewhat average death grunts.

The Black Sabbath cover is just that. A cover, with black metal production. Though I’ve never been a fan of BS, I somewhat enjoy this cover, so I guess that’s a plus for the release.