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Uncompromising brutality - 95%

Grimulfr, November 14th, 2008

Austrian death/black metal band Belphegor is back with their third release, titled Necrodaemon Terrorsathan. This band has been around for nearly ten years and shows no signs of softening their approach. It is still fast brutal technical satanic death at it’s finest. With messages like “keep your country clean, burn your local church,” prominently featured at their website, it is obvious they are not looking to adopt any of the current trends. they are still competing with Marduk in the offensive album cover category, but this one is actually toned down from 1997’s Blutsabbath art.

If one looked at the packaging or at their costuming it would be fair to say old school black metal, but that would be selling them short. What they are is brutal death mixed with ultra fast black with a technical aspect unusual for both. When I think of brutal death I don’t think of musical complexity, but these guys do. Not only do all the overused adjectives for extreme metal apply to Belphegor, they actually seem inadequate here. The musicianship is excellent, and the vocals, often a weak point for extreme bands, are outstanding. They refer to their vocals as grunts and growls. The main style is an excellent low growl in the death style with black metal feeling. They are among the best “satanic” vocals I’ve heard and they make me envision a biped goat with a microphone.

At thirty five and a half minutes, the album is short, but their are no weak songs. “Necrodaemon Terrorsathan” “SBSR” “Cremation of Holiness” and “Necrodaemon Terrorsathan part II” all stand out, but the album is strong from beginning to end, one of the best of 2000. If you are a fan of past Belphegor releases or a fan of Dark Funeral, Marduk, Dissection, etc. this release is destined to be in your CD player permanently.

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Underrated - 91%

CannibalCorpse, April 12th, 2005

This is indeed an underrated piece of metal art. Sadly, while being so great, Belphegor was/is rather unknown outside of Austria, hell, even in Austria they are far too unknown.

So, this was their 3rd full-lenght release and at this time, their best. It was also the first album with the great drummer "Torturer" and the first Belphegor album with a good production(the older ones weren't horrible underproduced, but not comparable to this new production).

The album is pretty fast(not as fast as Lucifer Incestus, though) and stays on this pace almost all the time. Which is not exactly a bad thing, because Belphegor know how to do their shit well, especially at this high speed.

All songs on here are great, except one does stick out as not being as good as the others: Tanzwut Totengesänge. The vocals in the slow verses are excellent, but sadly, they drag on too long and in the fast parts the vocals don't really flow with the rest of the band and it just sounds a little missplaced to me.

Yet, this album showed what Belphegor's future would bring = The perfect fusion between Death and Black metal.

(Check out the low budget video of "Vomit Upon The Cross", it's funny as hell!)

Choice cuts: Diabolical Possession, Necrodaemon Terrorsathan, Cremation of Holiness

Mediocre songs: Tanzwut Totengesänge

Raw Sewage: No, not here.