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One of their greatest albums - 82%

lord_weballergy, August 12th, 2006

-The songs may sound repetitive after a while. They are not very similar, but the blasts may confuse and remember other songs.
-Sometimes the drums sound like a drum machine in the highest settings.

This is a pretty solid album, the songs have a good structure and they are in a nice order. The production is top notch and it's not usual to listen to albums well produced like this one among black metal bands.

The vocals are amazing, their screamer changes from low growling to high pitched screaming and it's beautiful. For me, this is already a trademark of Belphegor and I help they keep it. I don't think the songs have a "evil sounding", for me, it's more brutal than "evil". Specially on this album, the songs are very agressive and if you are not ready to listen to them you may feel unconfortable. The only exception is the last track "Fleischrequiem 69". This one, for me, is evil and grim. The difference? It has clean vocals and it seems that there is a priest singing along with the screams. The drums are always the same, blast!! Not that this is bad, I mean, it's great.

Now, I wanted to comment on that. The names of the songs are funny sometimes, as in Fleischrequiem 69 they get some names of usual black metal songs and put them togheter. Take a look in the new album "Pestapokalypse VI". Then you'll see what I mean, hehehe.

In an overall this album is a great effort from Belphegor and it deserves a lot of attention. If you are into brutal death metal and black metal I tottaly recomend it, but do not expect to find a Darkthrone or Mayhem clone. Belphegor has built their own style over these years, reaching a point of being a "unique band".
For those who already know Belphegor: do not expect something very different. As you might know, they improve their sound in every album, but they don't change it.