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Satanic perversions - 85%

dismember_marcin, July 12th, 2017

Belphegor is not a band, which I would consider to be one of my favourites, although I do like some of their albums a lot. "Lucifer Incestus" is one of their better works, I think. But there are two things I have to say about "Lucifer..." and Belphegor before we go further in this review. First thing is that they really have their own, unique style of death / black metal and you can recognize this band immediately. Respect for it! And secondly, "Lucifer Incestus" shows some of the best songs of this band and really is a killer album, which I love to listen to, because of its killer sound and sheer fuckin aggression.

This aggression and intensity are trademarks of Belphegor. Their music often erupts with great, powerful energy and is like a pure, relentless massacre. It's a cannonade of fantastic riffs, which hit you hard and create a beautiful, but painful effect. I love its ferociousness, how intense and violent "Lucifer Incestus" sounds and how strong it all is. And at the same time Belphegor always manages to perform songs that are kind of catchy and memorable. You will remember many of these riffs, breaks, vocal patterns immediately and will love them from the first listen. The band remembers also to balance the tempos, so "Lucifer Incestus" is not a constant blasting shit, but there are some slow or mid paced tempos as well. The songs are often built on the verse / chorus traditional formula what only makes them more memorable. Finally with all its obscure and violent nature, there's always some room for harmonies, even short symphonic parts which nicely diverse the music and give more interesting results. Yes, this way such albums like "Lucifer Incestus" must be a winners. And surely this one is and really Belphegor sounds insanely good here.

I do admit that sometimes you can feel like the band was repeating some of their trademark ideas, breaks, riffs' similarity or other patterns too much. But that's nothing wrong, I suppose, since this band has their own, unique style and these arrangements must be coming naturally to them and to their songwriting. I personally don't care about it and through its 35 minutes "Lucifer Incestus" doesn't even let me think about such stupid things like clich├ęs, simply because I'm focused on this extreme and utterly evil slab of death / black metal, with its blasts, killer riffs and insane vocals of Helmuth. Such tracks like "The Goatchrist", "Lucifer Incestus", "Diaboli Virtus In Lumbar Est" are pure fuckin jewels of this band and I love them. Again I have to underline the fantastic intensity and aggression of this music, combined with its catchiness. And if you like when your metal is about Satanic and blasphemous stuff, strongly spiced with erotica and perversion then Belphegor is a must for you. The only thing I don't like about "Lucifer Incestus" is the front artwork, but that's not something what would have any impact on how I receive this album.

Standout tracks: "The Goatchrist", "Lucifer Incestus", "Diaboli Virtus In Lumbar Est
Final rate: 85/100