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"Supreme death\black metal art"! - 95%

REICHREAPER, August 22nd, 2007

Austrian extreme metallers Belphegor waste no time in getting started on this classic blackened death metal masterpiece!
From the intro, aptly entitled "Inflamate Christianos", it's apparent that these guys don't fuck around! The listener is greeted by what brings to mind a church burning with a demonic orgy of truly epic proportions happening in its midst... only to be bashed over the head with the pure aural brutality that is "The Goatchrist", easily one of the strongest tracks on the album, a furiously paced example of how extreme “extreme metal” can truly be! Accompanying the relentless riffs and blasphemous blastbeats are vocals that range from indecipherable grunts to shiver inducing screams. Mixed in with this brutality are hints of melody that give the chorus and closing a epic, goose bump inducing feel.

Next up, is “Diaboli Virtus In Lumbar Est”, while sacrificing none of the blatant brutality or blasphemy from the previous track, melody is at the forefront here, as sweeping harmonic passages greet the listener amidst unrelenting blastbeats. Helmuth’s vocals are in top form here, as each scream and heretic grunt delivered is more frenzied and more powerful than the last (if that’s even possible!).

And as the song fades into obscurity, a new sound invades the listener’s senses… that of a nun being fucked and whipped! This quickly changes to “Demonic Staccato Erection” which is aptly named given its intro! Very little melody is present here, as this track is seemingly more “death” than “black” metal, as everything about it is dirtier and with no holds barred, you are presented with a nasty ass piece of blackened death metal! While the vocals on this cd always carry a demonic air about them, it is more apparent on this track than any other.

Now, in order to not be redundant, I won’t go through the rest of the tracks in such detail, but the remainder of the songs on the album do bear resemblances to those first three. “Paradise Regained” meshes the ugliness of the previous track with the sheer brutality of “The Goatchrist”. While “Fukk The Blood Of Christ” follows a similar pattern, but with a mid-paced tempo accompanied by Christ-crushing riffs and a truly blasphemous chorus! “Lucifer Incestus”, the title track, is the shortest on the album, yet is arguably the most frantic, as with Terrorizer’s brutal fuckin’ blastbeats and double kicks, Helmuth’s heretic grunts and sweeping, frenzied leads along with those of Sigurd’s, and Barth’s “4-string terrorism” the song packs more of a punch in just under three minutes than many bands could hope to achieve over the course of an entire album! “The Sin: Hellfucked” is much the same way, but despite several changes in tempo throughout the track it still manages to be the most repetitive song on the album. This still isn’t to say that it’s bad by any stretch of the imagination, as much like the rest of the album, it still adheres to the strict standard of sheer brutality that only a band of Belphegor’s caliber can deliver!

And with that, we come to the album’s closer “Fleishrequiem 69” which is an entity all its own. This song brings both brutal and beautiful to mind… it truly is a volatile combination! Shortly after bashing the listener in the skull with its opening, which is classic Belphegor, an acoustic passage interweaves itself into the song, giving the listener a chance to catch their breath, right before they are exposed to a truly awe-inspiring progression which perfectly blends the brutality found on the rest of the album, with the melody present in the pre-accompanying acoustic passage. It must be heard for one to fully comprehend it. Haunting demonic chants give way to more acoustics before the aforementioned progression is repeated, which is just as brutal, black, and beautiful the second time around!

This album is a true “blasterpiece” in every sense of the word… and at the risk of sounding redundant, this album is truly brutal. I know I’ve thrown that word around a hell of lot during this review, but I’m simply trying to get a point across: this album is fucking BRUTAL. “Lucifer Incestus” comes with my highest recommendation for those who like their metal black, brutal, and at times, beautiful!

Furthermore, I’d like to send my eternal hails to Helmuth, Sigurd, Barth, and Terrorizer for crafting such a motherfuckin’ perfect piece of supreme blackened death metal!