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De Gloria Messae Sanguinis - 85%

Immortalax, June 4th, 2013

First off I'd like to mention the incredible album art, the sexy demon nuns surrounding Satan and his genitalia of light. Anyway this is about the music, not the fucking album art, which some people need to learn.

The excitement that comes from putting the first track on, then it blasting in to 'The Goatchrist' is an unimaginable sensation. The intensity and power of the riff coupled with drums is amazing. The vocals are shrieky and distorted as if it was actually the daemon Belphegor coming forth from the depths of hell. The buzzy guitar tone sounds excellent, it's much akin to the tone of Dark Funeral's 'Diabolis Interium,' but a tad more suitable to the genre. No two tracks on this album sound the same, making this enjoyable and fresh to listen to. The vocals and enunciation are far superior to the previous album, 'Necrodaemon Terrorsathan,' and the recording is far more aggressive.

There is a nice balance of dissonance and melody and the odd chugger riff that doesn't wear itself thin. The drums are much faster and more punchy than any of the bands previous albums. 'lucifer Incestus' is probably the most energetic album in the discography of Belphegor, which is an important factor when describing an album by this band, as they are notoriously very fast and ferociously blasphemous.

The most simply structured and personal favourite track on the album, 'Fleischrequiem 69,' shows exactly the epic sound Belphegor is capable of. A song consisting of approximately four chords, conveying a melancholic melody layered with somewhat priestly chanting and demonic vocals. There is no other word to describe the song other than excellent. The fucked outro to the song gives it even more points.

'Lucifer Incestus' should be in any extreme metal fans collection, as it is an essential to any fan of fast-as-fuck black and death metal.

Standout tracks - The Goatchrist, Diaboli Virtus in Lumbar Est, Paradise Regained, Lucifer Incestus, Fleischrequiem 69.