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Amazing.... - 94%

CannibalCorpse, July 12th, 2005

I can't believe it! They made it. They topped Lucifer Incestus.

Helmuth has never sounded this good. His vocals have improved a lot during Belphegor's career and have reached a new high. It doesn't matter if he does his awesome high screeching or his deeper growls. Everything he does sounds great. His vocals are multilayered and some reverb is added in some(very few) parts of the album which sound awesome. His guitar playing is tight, technical and the leads have never sounded this good.

As I said, the guitar leads in this album are absolutely amazing, Belphegor almost reached perfection in this department. The sound is as brutal as in Lucifer Incestus, yet they managed to bring some more black metal elements and melodies back into the mix.

Nefastus really blew me on the drums, he even reaches Torturer's level. I really had doubts that any new drummer would be able to reach his awesome drumming. Well, Nefastus did. Great fills, perfect doublebass and blastbeats and a very good style overall.

Barth's bass is audible, he mostly follows the guitars, but sometimes he breaks out and shows us some awesome bass lines. Good work.

Production is at least as great as on Lucifer Incestus. Every instrument can be heard well, the sound is tight and powerful, nothing is missing.

All songs on here are great, definately no filler here. The opener "The Cruzifixus - Anus Dei" starts with the typical blasphemous intro in Latin(I think?) and as soon as the guitars start, you'll hear the mentioned difference in the melodies. Some of Helmuth's best vocal work can be heard in "Swarm of Rats", you have to hear it yourself, but his part just rules:

"Jesus Christ - son of stench
Swarm of rats in a world of shit
Jesus Christ- castrated saviour"

Helmuth trades between high pitches screams and a low growl at least 3 times, just in this short part. Breathtaking.

Yet, there is one very different song for Belphegor to be found. "Sepulture of Hypocrisy" can almost be categorized as Doom-Death metal with infused black metal melodies. It's slow and crushing, something Belphegor never did this way before, but they pull it off flawlessly.

Belphegor always had very blasphemous lyrics, which are mostly about slaying christians and molesting, torturing and killing the son of stench(Jesus). If these lyrics are not your cup of tea(I love them), just listen to Belphegor for their great music. They have perfected their sound on this album.

This is IMO one of the greatest Black/Death hybrids of all time. If you are a fan of this genre, I command you to go to your CD store and get it immediately.

Best songs: All of them.