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brutal blasphemy and chaos!! - 100%

Thrasher666, December 5th, 2003

Belphegor: one of the most satanic, dark and evil bands. This is THE perfect mix of brutal death metal with black metal. Helmuth is one of the best things to happen to the undeground. His low and high vocals are just fucking EVIL sounding, and his guitar work is amazing. Some of his lyrics are in German, but the English lyrics are totally blasphemous. This band is Satan himself in music form. Brutal as all fucking hell riffs, mixed with dark black metal melody and tremelo picking, and thrashy solos that seem to be going faster than you can think. The drums are complete blast-fests that will cave your fucking head in.

Standout tracks: Blackest Ecstasy, Behind the Black Moon, and Blutsabbath

This band is seriously, one of the most evil creations of mankind. I gaurentee any christian would literally vomit upon looking at the art in the booklet (I won't describe the blasphemous and perverse sickness that lies in the booklet, you have to buy the cd >:), and any faithful sheep would probably be upset to tears upon reading the unmerciful lyrics. This band crushes beyond belief and ANY fan of ANY style of death or black metal, MUST check out this album.

If you hate god, you'll love Belphegor.