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Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - 88%

dismember_marcin, October 17th, 2014

Going back in time to the mid / late 90’s I remember that me and my friend at some point were searching for some of the most obscure, blasphemous but also the fastest death and black metal possible. We liked quite few bands, but the day, when we got “Blutsabbath” CD of Belphegor was like a revelation! Back in those days we did not think someone can be able to play so intense, but at the same time so harsh and aggressive music, so filled with profanation and sacrilege. For us, teenagers then, it was shocking, but it kicked ass! I mean, we were really impressed as fuck! Of corpse later we heard “Necrodaemon Terrorsathan”, which turned to be even better and more violent album, but “Blutsabbath” was still one of our favourites.

Is it still my favourite today? No. I like it, just as many other Belphegor albums, but I think that “Blutsabbath” doesn’t make such a strong impression today, as it did in 1997. It doesn’t mean that it grew old badly, but maybe the shocking value is gone somewhere hehe. For example nowadays the speed limit has been increased incredibly, there are also bands, which in time became more intense and violent, some are even more blasphemous (with satanic perversion exploit also)… Of course, it’s not a race, so who would really give a damn, but I wonder what would happen if “Blutsabbath” was released today, not in 1997? Who cares… Anyway, the album may not be so impressive today, but I still like it and I actually think that for sure Belphegor did some of the best death / black metal in the time of late 90’s / early 00’s. And certainly it’s one of those bands, which have their own, unique sound. All aspects – the production, the riffing, arrangements, even the vocals… all these things are quite unique and characteristic for Belphegor. You can recognize this band instantly, more so because their music has this weird tendency to be brutal and extreme, but also catchy and memorable, even melodic in many parts (like in fantastic opener “Abschwörung”). I have no idea how they made that possible, as they’re usually two aspects, which don’t like each other hehe. But I think it’s one of the reasons why Belphegor music became so successful. They simply had skills to compose songs, which were fast, extreme, blasphemous, but also memorable and easy to listen to.

“Blutsabbath” is filled with so called hits… with songs, which can sound great live and on CD. When you play this album real loud, then it is like a fuckin bulldozer, crushing and destroying all on its way, with throat cutting, sharp riffs, fast drums and sick, insane vocals of Helmuth, who really is possessed! This is what I like about Belphegor, with such killers like “Abschwörung”, “Purity Through Fire”, “No Resurrection”, “Blutsabbath”. But “Abschwörung” is definitely the very best piece here. And yes, I mentioned that I feel like this album was maybe making a bigger impression in late 90’s, but it still stands as strong and truly valuable effort. Belphegor was the best in their early albums, more uncompromising, more extreme, obscure and morbid. “Blutsabbath” is a perfect example for that. This album is better than “The Last Supper”, is really awesome, but later Belphegor recorded even more lethal stuff. Surely the best Austrian extreme metal band ever.

Standout tracks: “Abschwörung”, “Purity Through Fire”, “No Resurrection”, “Blutsabbath”
Final rate: 88/100

Essential - 95%

jerrit, October 17th, 2009

The first time I listened to this album, I was in disbelief. It was one of those rare moments; you know when you hear something that fills a void, that sounds exactly like what you would have created if you were capable of putting it to music? I remember thinking, where do they come up with this stuff? Maybe I was just impressionable, but years later the album still holds up almost as well, even as my tastes have changed some.

Blackest Ecstasy is the song that really stood out on my first listen. An out-of-place clean chord at the very start transitions to the opening riff, which has a very cool sound to it that's used to great effect on this album (I'm not sure if it's synth or some kind of guitar effect, but whatever it is it fits with the music and really sets the tone). The song structure is also great.

On song structure, so many metal bands and even later Belphegor albums seem to have a hard time keeping interesting songs heavy (or whatever you want to call it), and vice-versa. This whole album and several songs in particular are like a textbook example of how to pull it off.

The guitar work is great and caries the album. Bass is in there I guess, I'm sure I'd miss it if it were gone. Vocals are also excellent, though I liked them better before I read the lyrics. When it was just furious sound, my imagination filled in mood and imagery instead of words. After I read the lyrics, I started unintentionally understanding what Helmuth was saying at least some of the time, and the effect was lessened. It was kind of like seeing a movie made out of my favorite book or something.

The drumming is somewhat varied in a handful of places, at least by this band's standards. It's still mostly blast beats, but they work. It's supposed to be this way. Compared to later releases with other drummers, the speed and consistency isn't QUITE as impressive in isolation, but that's not what music is about. I don't know how many bpm these songs are or anything else like that. It's more enjoyable without critique of the technicality.

Production is actually pretty decent. Drums sound a little thin, but it's not a big deal. Listen to some of these songs on the Infernal Live Orgasm album to hear clearer drums and actual bass.

The last two songs of the album are my other two picks. The live version (Der Untergang pt II) is better and faster than the album version (Untergang Der Gekreuzigten), but this is great anyways. And Path of Sin is an excellent closer, leading to rain sounds, mean-sounding spoken German, then a minute of ridiculous screaming and gagging noises until it's over. Maybe the last minute of Path is silly, but fuck it, this music is most fun when you suspend disbelief and pretend that it's not all just an act. Anyone still curious would do well to bear that thought in mind and get this album.

Let the blood flow - 89%

Grimulfr, November 14th, 2008

Austria's masters of "cruel blasphemic hyperblast aggression" get the re-release treatment courtesy of Mercenary Musik. Blutsabbath was originally released in 1997 by Last Episode. For those who already own the original version, read no farther- this is an exact copy. For those new to the band, Belphegor play black/death and can be described as Morbid Angel meets Dark Funeral. They say their music "hits like the tip of a lance in Navarene's flesh." That is a pretty significant statement. That one lance thrust has obviously had lasting ramifications to this very day. How does Blutsabbath stand in comparison? It is basically a continuation of the sound of their debut album, The Last Supper, no evolution, but refinement is obvious.

Is it possible to sound more polished without giving up that raw undercooked brutal sound? The guitars are more prominent than on the debut, with some nice memorable leads and the songs have more dynamic structures. The dominant vocal style is black screams with the death growl all but abandoned, absent entirely on some songs, minimal usage on others. The vocals are at their best on songs that combine both styles. Overall the drums are a bit more blackened than on The Last Supper but it's not straight blastbeats throughout. "Abschworung" sets the standard for the album in terms of guitar leads and their is nice interplay between vocal styles. "Blutsabbath" is a great slow song while "The Requiem Of Hell" is a great fast song. "Path of Sin" ends with an atmospheric passage that also closes out the album. Is Belphegor as significant as that lance? Only time will tell...

Originally written for

Satan - 97%

ozzeh, May 2nd, 2007

Wow, Belphegor uses actual death grunts on this blasphemous slab of Satanic Black/Death metal. Case in point on song "Behind the Black Moon". This album really follows a conventional old school black metal style in the guitar riffs, but the drumming and intensity of execution of the music give it every bit a characteristic of death metal as well. Hence the term black/death when referring the Belphegor. If you are a fan of black or death metal, you will enjoy this album.

While being as intense as any death metal album, this one also manages to be a blasphemous as any black metal album in existence. Seriously, Belphegor are gladly going to straight to hell. The riffing on "Blutsabbath" is ungodly; from the solos to the main chorus power chord riffing, this is extremely well though out... as is the riffing on this whole album. If you don't like blast beats, don't listen to Belphegor because while their drumming is extremely fast and technical, it's primarily comprised of blast beats. Not just any blast beats either... but blast beats for Satan. Considering the heaviness of this release, the blast beats suit the music perfectly.

The tremelo picking is fast and frantic. This album is fast and frantic. Helmuth's vocals are black metal in nature but executed brutally in the death metal spirit. I can't really find any low points on this release. While none of the tracks may stand apart from each other, they all form a solid backbone of proficiently played Satanic death/black metal music, and at the end of the day what more can you ask for?

brutal blasphemy and chaos!! - 100%

Thrasher666, December 5th, 2003

Belphegor: one of the most satanic, dark and evil bands. This is THE perfect mix of brutal death metal with black metal. Helmuth is one of the best things to happen to the undeground. His low and high vocals are just fucking EVIL sounding, and his guitar work is amazing. Some of his lyrics are in German, but the English lyrics are totally blasphemous. This band is Satan himself in music form. Brutal as all fucking hell riffs, mixed with dark black metal melody and tremelo picking, and thrashy solos that seem to be going faster than you can think. The drums are complete blast-fests that will cave your fucking head in.

Standout tracks: Blackest Ecstasy, Behind the Black Moon, and Blutsabbath

This band is seriously, one of the most evil creations of mankind. I gaurentee any christian would literally vomit upon looking at the art in the booklet (I won't describe the blasphemous and perverse sickness that lies in the booklet, you have to buy the cd >:), and any faithful sheep would probably be upset to tears upon reading the unmerciful lyrics. This band crushes beyond belief and ANY fan of ANY style of death or black metal, MUST check out this album.

If you hate god, you'll love Belphegor.