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The Austrian DM act. - 79%

tallhagillani, January 22nd, 2008

Belphegor is the best blackened death metal that ever was, is and will be but in the beginning of their career, they were not that good but they never sounded bad. They’ve evolved with time and grown with their every new album.

I’ll describe you the music on this demo. Helmuth at that time wasn’t the vocalist, he was on guitars while Maxx was doing the vocals, his vocals are great for death metal standards, and the growls are very powerful. There’re relatively less black metal elements in these songs because the songs are mostly death metal songs. The drumming is fast, very supportive to the fierce and distorted riffs, most of the songs are mid-tempo songs but the essential speed is there. The production is fairly clear and everything can be heard easily. This isn’t like some early cheaply produced effort like most of the cases. I am a black metal fan, I do not hate death metal but I don’t like it as much as I like black metal but even then I enjoy these songs to the full extent, maybe because I am a Belphegor fan but the songs are very good and each song has it moments especially there’s a guitar solo in “Graves of Sorrow” and also look out for keyboards + guitar work on “Mutilated Corpses”

This is very good death metal with very good guitar work by Helmuth and brilliant vocals by Maxx. The songs have every thing that a fan of bands like Morbid Angel looks for. Listening to this demo will be a pleasure for any extreme metal fan.

Recommended songs : All of them because there are only four tracks and are all good but if you’re looking for the cream then “Mutilated Corpses” will give you everything that you’ve been missing on the rest of the songs and will leave you satisfied.

Bloodbath in Paradise Review - 89%

Haatig, December 30th, 2005

Im a a very avid Belphegor fan and absolutely love anything that they have ever put out, and so far have never been disapointed. So when I saw this demo cd by these guys on ebay I jumped all over it and bought it, and again was not disapointed one bit. Well heres a brief sum up of Belphegor's "Bloodbath in Paradise".

Bloodbath in Parardise- This song starts out with a little intro and then goes into the actual song. This is a fairly midpaced song, nothing too special about the drumming,no blast beats at all. Which is fine but could have made the song a bit better. Chris does use double bass in this song but not very continously, only in small parts of the song. The guitars are also very basic, nothing too impresive, but it all fits together perfectly. The vocals are very good. Maxx does a good job at the death metal type vocals. This is not like newer Belphegor, where Helmuth does the vocals so it is a change from previous Belphegor that I have heard, but never the less this is a very good song.

Grave's of Sorrow- This song starts out like other many other Belphegor songs do. It is basically counting into the song with the guitars playing chopy and the drummer is hitting the cymbals to the guitars(sorry I do not really know the terms for this, im not a guitar player). This song is played at a much faster tempo than the previous one. Another change in this one is that they use some keyboards. It does slow down a bit later on ( good to head bang to) but is followed by a decent guitar solo played by Helmuth and is sped up again after. Again the drumming is not too fast but it does fit the song perfectly.

Schizoid Nightmare- This song sounds more like stuff Belphegor would put out even still today. Nice guitar work backed up by good drumming, that even has some attempt at blast beats. About halfway in there is some really good guitar work done that gives the song a nice sort of melody at that part. Again it somewhat slows down but again is also then followed by a guitar solo, which isnt too long but works great with the song. This song has a nice fast and heavy ending.

Mutilated Corpses- Unlike the previous songs this one has some good tomtom work done by Chris. It then goes into a chopy type of sound which is picked up right after with some nice bass work.(which is usually hard to hear in demos and in some bands in general) Helmuth does another amazing job at guitars doing an awesome solo which was built up by more great guitar work. This song also has soem keyboards in it which gives it a nice little change.

This is a very good demo cd. The production is fairly clear, even the bass is very audible. Over all it was done excellent for it only being their 2nd release. Perhaps a little repetitive at some spots but nothing major that would change my mind over this cd. Other things I enjoyed very much about this demo is that Helmuth does not do the vocals. Dont get me wrong I love Helmuths vocals but this is a change , something different which also sounds very cool. To any real Belphegor fans this is a must have album , if you get a chance to buy this do so , you will not regret it. Also this is my first review so sorry if it is not that good.