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Utterly awful - 41%

Drowned, May 22nd, 2006

What a mess... It never ceases to amaze me how some bands will record anything just to get it out and push it as a demo. The quality of this two-song monstrosity is pitiful beyond words. It easily puts most third world black metal rehearsal tapes to shame. Not only is the sound a complete wall of noise, the musicianship and overall presentation is equally laughable. What this sounds like is Blasphemy getting shitfaced drunk at a practice one night, cutting their two shortest songs in half, completely improvising the lyrics and drumming, and having somebody tape it on a mini-recorder who in the drunken debauchery forgot to remove the device from his pocket.

The drums sound like somebody hitting a paper pag with a stick as fast as possible. The main vocals are like a series of muffled thuds against the microphone. I honestly can't tell if the vocalist is using his mouth or his ass. Either way, you definitely can't make out a fucking word he's saying. As for the raspy backing vocals, they sound like a rabid cat getting strangled to death. The guitars are barely audible and appear to be nothing but feedback and distortion. Appropriately, the listener is in complete shock when the tempo briefly slows down and a lone riff actually emerges from the sonic rubble. Somewhere in the midst of the chaos there is a faint bass guitar, but I haven't been able to confirm its existence.

"Blessed By the Lord of Goat Excrement" is pretty much a complete and utter failure. There's absolutely no audible riffs during 90% of the song. The only redeeming factor is the gritty guitar solo towards the very end. "Annoint in Jehovah Blood" is a bit more controlled, in that you can actually make out the guitars this time. It appears as though they're ripping off Morbid Angel here, which is further supported by another distorted guitar solo that sounds like something Trey Azagthoth was doing in his sleep at age 6.

As if it couldn't get any worse, the whole demo tops out at a whopping three minutes. This is one of those tapes that even if somebody payed you money to listen to it, you would still feel ripped off because in those three minutes you could have taken a nice warm shit. Avoid like the plague!