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Only darkness!!! - 78%

Lixivia, November 17th, 2005

Second full-length of this dark german one man band. For Belmez, “Siechtum” isn’t a turning point ; it’s a logical follow-up to his first full-length. So no big changes, just the same patterns : drum-machine, never-ending solo on every song, and windy atmospheres.
The overall feeling of “Siechtum” makes me think about Master’s Hammer “The jilemnice occultist”. Belmez doesn’t play orchestral black metal. However, Belmez is as strange as Master’s Hammer. Belmez isn’t for trendy. You’ll never hear something sounding like Belmez. Totally fucked up darkness!!!! Really!!!
I like Belmez because he creates awfully dark atmospheres. I think it’s one of the most misundertood underground band of the mid 90’s. Belmez, on “Siechtum” as on “Berserker”, doesn’t play catchy songs. Don’t expect to headbang when listening to Siechtum.
Maybe you’ll hate the use of the drum machine. However, don’t be silly!!! Belmez offers one of the best drum programming I ever heard for a metal band.
Nevertheless, I’ll never recommend this album. Personally, Belmez is my kind of stuff ; but you have to be mentally ill (which maybe I am!!!!) to appreciate Belmez. So as I don’t want to insult anybody, don’t get this! "Siechtum" is definitely not for everyone.
The good points of "Siechtum" : the artworks, the darkness and the strangeness of Belmez.
The bad point : the never-ending solos!!!!