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Bells of Doom - Epic trad doom at its best! - 100%

TheReverendOfDespair, January 17th, 2008

Doom metal is one of the most unknown forms of metal but it is probably the most diverse. There is doom that can be found for every mood and occasion. Originally doom was filled with mostly Sabbath worshiping bands but it diversified very quickly and even the original clean vocal styles, that bands like Sabbath and Pentagram did so well, became less common. Today we have some bands that are remembering past influences very well and modernizing the music to create something a little new. This formula has created the triumph that is Bells of Doom.

It’s a pity this 18 minute demo is all this project produced because it’s a fantastic slab of doom even though Nicklas Rudolfsson is still a member of other great acts like The Funeral Orchestra and Runemagick. This album contains fairly low clean vocals that work well. Taking after Johan Langquist, the original Candlemass vocalist, the vocals show an appreciation for depth that very well enhances doomed vocals. It’s very tempting to compare this band to Candlemass because both bands do very well at creating doomed emotions, although they are musically fairly different, but that same epic feeling is produced.

Like any respectable trad doom there are strong riffs that keep the work interesting throughout. It’s crazy how Nicklas did everything himself on this album with the guitar work being sold and drumming as well. Some simple to more complex guitar solos add a lot to the music and you will never be bored here like some other doom bands that are more difficult to get into. Still, as accessible as this album is it’s more slow, extreme and heavy than most trad doom out there. The intro to Funeral of the Wizard is worth mentioning because it has this folk tinge to it because an acoustic is used and sounds very interesting.

For anyone into funeral doom of trad doom I highly recommend this album because it goes back and creates extremely epic trad doom with references to the old bands without being just another Sabbath rip-off. Doom on…