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A good CD, but not a classic - 82%

Zze, August 8th, 2004

The CD starts weak, I actually felt kindda of deceptioned with the first songs. I read an interview with Joe that he stated that "On Anthrax, Scott limitated everything that I could do on vocals, the only Anthrax albums that they gave me freedom to sing the way I wanted where on Spreading the Disease and some parts of Among the Living", so I was waiting a classic on the melodic power-thrash that they had on the 2 mentioned albums, rather, the first 3 or 4 sound like a sub par version of "Persistence" Anthrax with a lot of "modern rock" influences. things start to improve a lot by the 5th or 6th track, and then the albums really shows up its good characteristics. Ranging from strong Powerthrash ( 2 faced ) to more power metal ( In Jun ) to hard rock ( mixed emotions ) and power ballads ( Down and Out ) Joe shows a lot of versatility and talent on singing on the various different ranges of metal still mantaining a uniform quality as if he had played with bands from all of these metal variants. The instrumentation is tight, but far from being highly technical or something, they just do a good job on playing the great songs presented on this CD after the quite disapointing start. Joey sings on the vocal range he used on "Persistence", not the brilliance of "Spreading the Disease" , but still a great vocal job. I can guarantee to any Anthrax fan that, despite of not being a classic, this first Belladonna CD is beats any Anthrax album recorded after SOWN and also State of Euphoria in terms of vocals and musicianship.