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Black Fucking Rock N' Roll - 79%

Manwaring, July 16th, 2004

Belketre one of the uber-kvlt, much hyped, Black Legions bands, loved by elistists all over. The question is, does this band deserve the respect it gets?

The opening Track "The Dark Promise" starts out with a much more Rock N' Roll drum beat and a bassline you can acctually here and the vocals are above BM standards and are quite pissed off sounding.
The song writring here is up on par with Mutilliation and Vlad Tepes, every thing flows very well for a cult-bm band.

Next is "Despair", a sorrowfull guitar interlude that leads into, "Twilight of The Black Holocaust". This song is reminisant of Ildjarn, with alot of pure argresstion seaping into the music.

To finish it all off we have the amazingly erie "Hatred", which pretty much lives up to its name, with highpichted pucking and screaming in the background.

Overall, A cult album worth checking out, without being quite as great as some of the more classic Vlad Tepes and Mutillation demos.