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Believer's worst album, but it does grow on you. - 68%

Desiple_of_The_Ice25, September 6th, 2009

Believer was always a band I had faith in throughout my life, and I still do. After hearing they would be releasing a new album, I was excited about it. Upon reading a couple of reviews on Believer's album Gabriel, I was indeed interested in checking it out, and I had heard a little snippet of a song or two from it. It sounded pretty cool at the time, and I was very fortunate to have picked up a copy of it.

Before listening to it, I was excited, but I must add there is a bias involved; being that the excitement could be that I was finally able to pick up my first Believer album I could get a hold of. I placed this in the CD player, and it began to play through its course. My first impression after the first track was "man, what a crappy production." The production was indeed crappy, and the album seemed to have no soul- just mindless, heartless jamming.

I wasn't impressed with this one bit, and I felt that this album was devoid of anything special. To be honest, it seems that Believer were settling for mediocrity. I tried listening to it a few times, and it wasn't before long it became more like noise- nothing to grab your attention, but later on, I would discover that it does grow on you.

For me, I did find that as much as it grew on me, it wasn't saying TOO much, but, I was able to decipher a few good riffs, and songs on here. Such as Medwton, A Moment in Prime, and The Need for Conflict. You might also say Focused Lethality is also a pretty good tune. Other than that, there wasn't anything really great on this album, and even those tracks in themselves weren't very great.

You may be asking "why did you give this such a positive grade?" Well, you see, I see this album having potential to grow on me more in the future if I choose to listen to it more. However, I have to add, some of the negatives apart from the bad production, and mediocrity, probably the biggest flaw in all of the album is there is quite a bit of Nu-Metal in here. At first, that was what I thought this was, but you also can hear the thrash. You can literally say that this sounds like Thrash and Nu-metal combined, which probably explains that it isn't the most likeable album.

My sincere hope is that Believer will keep releasing albums, but getting rid of the Nu-Metal in here, because anyone with ears can hear it, and if you really can't stand Nu-Metal, beware of this album, but if you can accept Believer regardless, DO check it out.

In summary: Crappy production, mediocre, and Nu-metal really sucks a lot of the appreciation out of it. I wanted to like it more, but couldn’t (at least not yet). However, it has its moments that shine, and it is indeed Believer, but really, more bad than good with this one. Good songs are A moment in Prime, and the Need for conflict.