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Beleth > Total Satanic Onslaught > Reviews > ImpaletheCunt
Beleth - Total Satanic Onslaught

Diabolic desecration - 95%

ImpaletheCunt, May 7th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2013, CD, Old Legend Productions

Now you are fucked. This band wants you dead. Cower in fear you useless schmuck. Your pathetic god is a lie. Your annihilation is at hand. Beleth will be leading the slaughter. Innocent blood will be shed by the trident of the mighty Beleth. Fuck the innocent!!!

Here we have brutal Polish metal of the highest order. There are no melodies to be found here. There are no breakdowns to be found here. Variety is a word rather not used to describe this album. Still not convinced? then carry on reading fuckhead

The black powers of hell have brought you the ultimate offering of bestial black metal. This thing reeks of sadistic torture as Eradicator belches out his lyrics of genocide, satanic mayhem and debauchery. No wonder they are not printed in the booklet. Armageddon is praised and Satan is summoned from what I can tell and I fucking worship the pure hatred that is on display. This is what J.J. Tolkien wrote books about, here we have the true mouth of Sauron!!! These cunts sound like nothing I have ever heard. They demand your attention and will torture you barbarically if you don't fucking obey. This three-piece sounds like a possessed legion, tight as fuck and fast as fury. The murky production only adds to the vehemence and Total Satanic Onslaught is a 27-minute hell ride straight down into the pits of hell eternal.

3 of the 8 tracks are written in Polish. Eradictator sings them with menace, very mono-toned but it works. This band is not about bells and whistles, it’s a stripped-down affair of minimalist fury. The rhythm guitar barrages along non-stop and the bass has crunch to it. This gives it the edge over so many bands trying a similar approach. It was always meant to be a budget release. That's the essence of metal for anyone who was disappointed with this. This is for true satanic worshippers only. Everyone else can go fuck themselves.

The drumming is muffled and suffocating. One feels claustrophobic at times as the barrage just keeps coming, the only minor fault I found are the cymbals that are a tad high in the final mix. This makes it sound somewhat like Strzygon is smashing tin cans at times, but fuck is it intense. Fuck is it superb. Strzygon's dials are set to maximum as he does not slow down for a second on the entire album. Poland is a hot bed of talent and Beleth are no exception. It’s been 6 years since their previous release and the wait has been worth it. A pure lesson in evil. Satan is pleased.

Enough said

Buy or die!!