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Alas, we step forward - 98%

Shadow0fDeath, November 14th, 2004

After their LP, Errances Oniriques, it would seem that you just listened to the cream of the crop of black metal and you wonder if the band can do any better? Sometimes after an amazing piece of work a band tends to fall into the cold black abyssic void as they releases uninspired drivel with each future release. With Belenos in this case though, it seems to be the exact opposite with their work.

Upon listening to the sophmore effort by Belenos, you will notice the band has taken an evolutionary step with their music once again. The once raw black metal unit continues to branch out their sound and atmospheres with stunningly brilliant interludes and traditionalism that keeps you in awe throughout the release. On this opus, you can tell there was a slight more celtic/pagan folkish themes to it with flutes and the melodies which are played by the band throughout each song. Don't worry though, Belenos hasn't turned to play folkish acoustic shit nonstop. This album still is able to play some of the best black metal that can be heard. The chords are composed in a manner to achive the perfect atmosphere of a war for pagan purity! The vocals are perfect as well. The vocalist is able to sing with true spirit and his black metal vocals go far beyond the standard mediocre black metal unit. With such passion for the music that really makes you feel as if you're there on the battlefield!

This album is highly recommended as the next step in the Belenos catalogue. We can only hope for a continuation to this band's evolutionary brilliance throughout each of their albums.

Their final effort? Who knows... - 97%

KayTeeBee, November 13th, 2004

After hearing Errances Oniriques, I thought this band just couldn't get any better. Well guess what? I was wrong. This release adds in more elements and more riffs to make this one of the best BM albums ever created... Compared to Errances Oniriques this work is more, contains more acoustic parts, and overall it's just better.

This one has flutes, acoustic guitars, etc... but don't start thinking this is some cheesy melody-driven album. Those instruments are only there for interludes or breaks, etc. What really stand out in this, is the riffage, as usual. The riffs are pretty standard BM riffs... but they're just awesome. They don't use too much tremolo, so it never gets repetitive.

The male choirs in this are even more impressive than the ones used in their other releases. They give a very dark feeling to the songs, and they're perfect in the outro (which is only a few percussion and male choirs).

It's really that simple, this is just an incredible release, and a must-have if you like BM.