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Could Have Done With Better Production - 70%

Vega360, March 2nd, 2008

How I managed to come across this band (or this release) is something that I have long since forgotten, but I am very thankful that I have had the chance to listen to this album. The archives say that only 500 copies of this were pressed, but seeing as mine isn't numbered or anything either I have been scammed or somewhere along the line this was reissued as a single album.

Musically this album is some kind of experimental black metal album, why it's classified as "pagan" or "celtic" metal is anybodies guess seeing as there isn't a single folk instrument used on here. It is experimental in the sense that besides the usual blast beat frenzy, distorted riffs and vocals (which are all present) the album is loaded up with some somber quiet parts, which help give the album a more nature themed mood and not the usual satanic chaos found on the majority of black metal albums that are overpopulating the genre.

The album is very bass friendly. Besides adding to the massively annoying sound wall production it is also the key instrument in the quiet parts this album has. The sixth track is a prime example of this, and it almost strays into doom territory.

The normal guitar work isn't anything magical. The riff in track five really gives you a nice drift feeling but other than that you really don't get much in the way of guitar work.

Sadly the vocals and drumming is ruined by the production. The drums when not being blasted rarely get herd at all. The vocals come in two different styles, you either have the very loud Varg style shriek which manages to stay somewhat herd over the massive instrument blend production, or the clean vocals which are barley audible, they try a nice choir sounding backing vocal effect, as well as some spoken word stuff but you never get to enjoy it cause of, once again, the annoying poor production.

This album could have been something truly special but sadly (either by the band's choice or not) the production is so poor that you can't really get into the album that much.