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Pagan Black Metal at it's finest! - 95%

Shadow0fDeath, November 12th, 2004

Alas, another album that has amazed me with the very beauty displayed with the typical opus released by Belenos. There are many elements to this album that still continues to amaze me as time goes on and I dig deeper into the inner beauty of the Belenos sound on this album, Errances Oniriques. Belenos, for those unaware of who they are, play black metal in a fashion where traditional values in the musical aesthetic are kept while branching out the music, making it more complex than the average candidate for release in today's black metal underground.

On this album you will hear an ambience of a pagan battlefield which erupts from the darkest wombs of the woods, but the question waiting to be answered in this review is simply, how does a band like this achive such glory in their music, and why are does their albums hold so much value, notably this one?

Belenos have a knack for composing songs with additional passages that are unfamiliar to the average ear of a black metal listener. Belenos incorporate accoustic passages into their music that aquire a more intent listen to understand the absolute significance in the composition. That's what Belenos is, to be short. Their compositions are constructed very well with a classical structure added to the music and overall atmosphere on the album. There are choiristic backing vocals in this album done by a male. The harmonies of the backing choir seems to really add to the spirit and atmosphere of this Belenos release, and make it much more enjoyable. Belenos also enjoy including dark intros in their songs to get a dark feeling before the song continues through it's bountiful musical brilliance throughout this album.

Overall, I would have to say that these compositions compiled on the Belenos album achive a greatness in sound that can't merely be measured with words. I feel that the music is in such brilliance that you will need to give it a listen to complete understand this pagan black metal masterpiece. Be ready for battle as you defend the pagan roots along side with Belenos!