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A Must Have Black Metal Album - 96%

KayTeeBee, October 20th, 2004

This album is pure gold among black metal. It's pure black metal, don't expect some viking/pagan metal that has many melodic acoustic interludes or any stuff like that. What you should expect, and will have, is one of the best, if not THE best, raw black metal albums of all time, or at least the best to ever come out of France. The vocals in this bring nothing new to black metal, but they ARE very agressive, grim, hateful, and all synonyms that come to mind. The same applies to the drums. This album uses the male choir exactly at the right time in the songs, right when i'm about to think "Hmm, it's getting a bit boring now". The best thing in this album is, by far, the guitar riffs. They're nothing complicated or technical, they're just so magnificiently played, and all that without trying to be pretentious at all. The riffage is very varied on the slower side, and also on the tremolo side. The songs aren't too long or too short, I feel the length for each song is perfect. The album proposes and interlude near the end of the album, but don't start thinking it's some melodic acoustic interlude. It's more like an interlude to prepare yourself for the upcoming headbanging session that will take place in the next two songs. It has two guitars, one doing a simple lead, yet efficient, and the other one doing the bass notes. It IS very melodic, and undoutably the most melodic song on this album. It's an interlude after all, isn't it? The only few flaws this album has is in the beginning of the 8th song, "Le Dernier Pas". The acoustic is the beginning is way too boring, and doesn't have a dark black metal feel at all. It's not bad enough to ruin the whole song though, since after two minutes a raw kick-ass riff comes in to change my mind.

"Errances Oniriques" is this band's best release. All the riffs are well made, and well played. A must for any black metal fans.