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Celtic Gods Of Metal - 95%

Filth, August 21st, 2004

For all those of you who have prejudices on french metal, let me proove you wrong. Indeed, listen to this awsome Celtik metal band from our dear Gaul. I myself was shocked by this album, hardly expecting it to be so great!
To convince you of its greatness, listen to this CD of Belenos, and let yourself be taken by the powerful riffs and the crushing drumming, let yourself be taken by the atmospheric passages where the accoustic guitar is of pure magnificance. Sometimes greatfully brutal, Belenos' music knows how to alternate into melodic parts at times, which is what makes it so intense.
The album starts out purely brutal, epyleptic drumming, rageous guitar riffs, and screaching singing, in one word : awsome. Indeed Belenos has quite a talent for powerful compositions. Then comes riff to riff parts always accompanied by powerful drumming and a very black metal singing. But always these accoustic interludes which give us a wonderful pause. Wonderful for the nice break they give to our ears and for the atmosphere they give to the album. The release also contains masterpiece passages like in 'Dernière Rencontre' where slowly the guitar gives us magical tunes acompanied by the drums which progressively become more and more powerful and then... its pur musical thrill. A very good ending song for the album.
This was an enormously pleasant surprise, all of you pagan black metallers,... buy this album.