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The usual - 87%

KayTeeBee, November 7th, 2004

This is one of their earlier works... and it has as much potential as their other releases. The first song starts with a gloomy atmosphere and the vocalist's spoken words, followed by excellent riffage and extremely harsh vocals. It has no drums though, it's only an intro to the rest of the demo. The next song starts with the same gloomy-like atmosphere and clean guitars accompanied by male choirs, and it feels very special... Listening to this, I can picture darkness. The raw riffage here is spectacular as usual, nothing too new... the clean parts that serve as an interlude are always gloomy as hell. "Funeste et Hivernal" also contains excellent riffage, with a lot of clean parts and scary distorted raw parts. It's also the most melancholic and sad song on the whole demo, I can't feel nothing but sadness in this song in particular. The last song on the demo is like the first 2 songs all over again, still gloomy as hell and varied guitar riffs.

Not too short, not too long... a demo for all BM fans!