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Probably best for LLN fans only - 72%

Mr_Allergic, October 6th, 2007

This is a demo from the LLN band Belathuzur which contains 3 tracks.

The first one is called Hail Satanic Majority and starts off with some whispering and goes very slow. A few guitar strokes here and there with the drums keeping a good beat. Then we hear a roar and the speed increases. The speed goes even faster and the vocals come in properly. The riffs are very simple but it keeps an angry and dark feeling to it. The drumming keeps a powerful, but repetitive beat. All of a sudden the song slows a little down and you can clearly hear the slow guitars. Then the speed is picked up again and the vocals roars and screams. The song is now in full speed and you can feel the dark anger from the song. It then slows down again and continues like this through the song.

The next track is called Melancholy of Evil Souls. This one also starts with some careful whispering and then the guitar quickly comes in with some slow and darkened riffs. The vocalist roars a little in between. Things starts to go a little faster and the vocalist roars even more. A little further in the song, the vocalist speaks in a dark voice, then goes back to the roaring. The track goes on very simple and repetitive.

The last track is called Edicius and is very short. It starts in full speed with slashing guitars and fierce screaming. The vocalist sounds extremely angry and his mouth goes in one. In the end of the track it slows a little down and then stops.

The vocals on this demo could get pretty boring after a while, and doesn’t have such a good effect. The guitar playing and drums are pretty good and dark, but they also get pretty repetitive and perhaps even boring as well sometimes. The quality of the demo is, as all other LLN music, very poor and dark, which I prefer. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who isn’t a LLN fan. As a LLN fan myself, I give this demo a listen once in a while, but it isn’t amongst the great stuff from the LLN. Overall this demo lacked a couple of things, but I like to use this as background music when I don’t concentrate so much on it. While it is in the background, I don’t notice the constant repeating of everything in the songs.