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Landfills Provide Better Garbage Than This Shit - 0%

EvilAllen, November 10th, 2017

Being Killed are a brutal death metal band that are currently on hold from making music, as of 2014. Good, because with this dreadful record, I can't say that I enjoy it. Not my cup of tea in the least bit. Basically, you have some extremely fast-paced brutal death metal music, which is normally fine. Well, in this case, it's not great. All the tracks are empty-headed and stubby. Perhaps I'm not being exactly fair, I guess, realistically, the band can bust out a couple of cool-sounding riffs. And yeah, that's probably at best. Thing is, their creativity is being completely wasted by having such tiny-ass tracks. Why even bother making extreme music if you're barely going to put length into them? Literally, all songs on this record are below three minutes, what the fuck is the point? With the amount of tracks the band have thrown into this album, they could have made a few full-length songs instead. Would have been a lot more enjoyable for the listener(s).

Don't expect any depth from any tracks on this record, as soon as they start showing any signs of buildup, they've literally been concluded, and that's the damn truth. I don't know anyone alive today, as I currently write this, who have a favourite song that is even less than one-minute long. And this proves my point even more, extremely short tracks do absolutely no justice in the music department at all. The people creating these songs on this record, they're wasting their time. And it's a sign of laziness, too. Their mindset is, "Why put a lot of time into one song, while I can put less effort in creating shorter tracks and get more?". The point is, this is the type of music, in the long run, that becomes forgotten. It's hard to remember a song that's like...25 seconds long, hardly a song at all. So, the only real effort that's being wasted, are the inventors, quite frankly.

The guitar work is decent, and decent at the absolute best. A lot of high-pitched shredding and low grungy, heavily distorted guitars. The audio production sounds a little out-dated by quite a few years, it's not as crisp as production can be now, I guess nine years can make a big difference, in the long run, I mean. The fucking bass sounds really soft and quiet. I hardly notice it's there. Barely surfaces throughout the whole record. If anything, the damn guitars are much too loud, even louder than the vocals entirely. Speaking of vocals, the vocals, at times, the higher-pitched vocals, they sound like they're being record within a damn garbage can. To clarify this more, it sounds like someone purchased a plastic garbage can, removed the lid, purchased and placed a decently expensive, studio microphone in the bottom center of the garbage can, then started recording those higher-toned vocals. Seriously, it has a plasticy echo to them. The drums sound like they're being played in a small bedroom with the door closed, and the drummer is too poor to afford a legit drum set, so he hand-crafted drum sticks and thumping them hard onto the mattress and using silverware as the cymbals. And what's even funnier, it sounds like the studio microphone is literally placed on the reverse side of the door instead. It sounds so muffled and phoney. Also, their lyrics are totally misguided and brainless, really. It's just a bunch of nonsense with no effort written. Anything to give the vocals purpose, I suppose. The artwork looks rather odd, it reminds me of a terrible, mainstream mallcore band, of which I won't mention the name of, since it's not worthy enough for this review.

I don't ever think I'll listen to this album again. It becomes annoying after the second time, like, a lot. All the tracks basically sound the same, it's almost impossible to tell them apart, it would seem. I might as well just stop breathing and die, at least that would be a progressive activity, rather than hearing anymore of this shit. Fuck, I enjoy Burzum's "DauĂ°i Baldrs" album a lot more than this trash, and that's saying something, considering it has a decently low rating in it's own right, which I added onto as well. It should be forbidden to ever mention or even think about recommending this dumpster to anyone, even if you hate the fucker(s). It's like playing a cruel prank on someone, just don't do it. If you ever find this record on your own, it's worth at least one listen at best, but I wouldn't expect anyone with brain in their skull to actually hunt this down and nurture this filth. I think drugs would be more enjoyable than this, and I really dislike any drugs, honestly. If no one remembers this album in twenty years, then people sure did something right. And that was to forget that this nightmare even came to life in the first place. Next time you have a bonfire, soak this is gasoline and light that shit up, throw dry logs onto the flaming disc and deny that this album ever existed.