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Very Nice... Lacks originality, but who cares? - 85%

Iscarioth, August 23rd, 2005

I have to admit, that first time I bought this album I skipped it and labeled it as mediocre, but one day I popped this sucker back to my stereo system, and I realised how great piece of black art this one is. I guess you could say that I didn't grow on it, but it grew on me... Like a cancer.

Although I think that the best stuff Behexen has released, is on the split album with Horna this album really doesn't fall that far. Songs are all brutal as hell, but still there are lots of melodic guitarlines buried under the wall of noise. And they sure are worth of looking for, because they are, along with Torog's vocals the true highlight of the album. Pretty much all the tracks here are strong celebrations for Satan and hate towards christ, so there really isn't "that one song" on the album. Some may say it's a bad thing that none of these tracks truly shines over everything else, but I say it's a good thing because in my opinion it is better to know a band because of a great album, not a great song.

However, my personal favorite track would probably be Celebration of Christ's Fall, which is pure bounding Black Metal assault the way it's supposed to be. Not mindless double-bass/blast-beat wankery (Panzer Division Norsecore-fans, I'm looking at your direction). The part where Torog screams "Celebration of Christ's Fall!" and a great guitar melody follows it, is just pure hate. But like I said, none of these songs truly beats the crap out of the other and it is at it's best, when it is listened from the first track to the very last, without continuously pushing the skip-button.

Lyrics might be a bit silly for someone, but then again this is Black Metal, so who gives a flying fuck? Of course I respect lyrics that have more deeper message behind them than just your typical "Hail Satan!"-stuff, but I really can't picture Torog screaming poetic words about forests, butterflys, rainbows and roses on a grave.

This album might get a bit monotonic if you are just an average listener, who is looking for some background music. There's a shitload of stuff buried under it all, so it might take some time to appreciate it.
But all in all, this is a great piece of traditional Black Metal. If you are looking for music that is highly original, then this is not your piece of cake... However if you just want a good Black Metal album to your collection, then I recommend this one highly. Plus it's lightyears ahead from their rather dull debut album.